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Beginners Course

Introduction to Deejay:

  • Beats bars, and phrases overview.
  • What is the beat?
  • What is that makes the beat?
  • What are bars?
  • How do identify the "1" of a phrase?
  • How are songs structured?
  • Identify the beat?
  • Beat sound exercise.
  • Counting bars.
  • What is dropping on the "1"?
  • What is the action of dropping on the "1"?


  • What is an EQ?
  • What are the EQ's on a mixer?

Record Cueing:

  • Cueing up a sample
  • Manipulating the record(turntables) and CDJ's

Equipment Overview Exercises

  • Record RPM speed exercise.
  • Pitch control exercise.
  • Turntable CDJ and mixers set up exercise.
  • Volume fader and EQ controls exercise.
  • Records movements
  • Turntables and CDJ's.
  • Crossfaders positions and movements.
  • What is record cueing?
  • How do i touch the record turntables?
  • How do i find a sound on the record so i can record the cue?